Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update : Tuesday, 8/9/2011 945PM

Today, Jackson was the most alert that I have seen him. He stared me down for about twenty seconds while I was whispering to him. At first, I thought I was imagining it, but if I moved my head, he followed me. His eyes are still a deep sapphire blue. I hope they don't change. They are so beautiful! The doctor did tell me today that the only thing keeping Jax in the hospital right now is that his platelets are still a little low. He is very positive about everything though.

If you are interested more in what platelets actually are, this helped me:


Mommy didn't get to see Jax today. She was so wore out from her shower this morning. On the bright side though, she was able to get up and walk to the bathroom. That is huge progress! Due to major bruising, they have her laying on her left side now. I must say my ingenuity shined today as I concocted a Sanford and Son special that helped keep her on her side instead of flat. :) A suit case, two sheets and three pillows! MacGyver would be proud!

Tomorrow is another day closer to full recovery and discharge! Keep the prayers coming!

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  1. So thankful you're keeping the blog updated. Glad progress is still being made by both Courtney and Jax! Hope to see you guys soon. Prayers are with you guys. MacGyver... nice work!