Monday, August 15, 2011

Update : Monday, 8/15/2011 930AM

Just a quick update...

Jackson had a great first weekend at home! So far he has maintained his NICU schedule on feeding and sleeping. He is such a good, good baby! I love every minute with him.

Courtney had a bit of a roller coaster weekend. Some of her numbers were wonky, but part of it was intentional as the doctors worked to get her kidneys and liver to regulate on their own.

They did start discussing a liver transplant this weekend. The transplant team visited her yesterday to start some pre-work in the event it was needed. I have to say that surgeons don't have near the bedside manner of her other doctors. :(

Also, let me say that Sergeant Reed was awesome this weekend - and I'm not talking about Kyle! Andrea had Courtney doing all the things she needed to be doing; aspirator, eating, exercises etc. Because of this, we were all shocked when Courtney was able to walk about 50 feet down the hall and back. That is awesome progress!

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  1. keep up the hard\good work courtney!
    justin- please keep us updated on the liver transplant news. that was shocking to hear.
    sending love,