Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update : Sunday, 8/7/2011 3PM

I visited with the dynamic duo of patients this morning.

Courtney was able to spend about four hours with Jax today. They let us go in a private nursing room. It was so nice to be able to spend some personal family time alone. Court tried breastfeeding again. He gets the function, we just got to get mommy functional! :) After trying for awhile we gave him his bottle, and he just sucks them down. It is always so funny to watch. I've tried telling him that no one is going to take it away, but he doesn't listen to me!

The big news of the day so far is Jackson had his MRI! The MRI was scheduled to see if there was any structural damage to the brain after all he had been through. There was not a single problem! The kid is tough as nails!

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  1. Miss you guys already!! Before you know it you guys will be home having those sweet moments together! Then reality will set in that you don't get to take your night nurses home with you!!