Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update : Thursday, 8/18/2011 1045AM

Well, the roller coaster of theory and fact continues. The preliminary results of Court's biopsy returned, and they have ruled out HELLPS and AFLP now, and really have no idea what is wrong.

To be frank, I don't really care. When I look at my wife, I can see her coming back more and more each day. Whatever the doctors are doing for her is working. Yesterday she acted herself for the first time since all this began. She is back on Facebook now, itching to watch Bog Brother, and telling me what to do again. :) To me, that is all that matters.

Jackson is a powerhouse! The boy eats, sleeps, poops, pees and plays like a champion! I could not have asked for a better kid! He is practically sleeping through the night already. He rarely cries, unless Nanna and Aunt Doris are giving him a bath, or rubbing on his lotion!

I can't help but think six months from now Court and I will look back on this and wonder if it really happened, or if it was a dream. Of course, we will have our little miracle man to remind us! :)

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