Monday, August 8, 2011

Update : Monday, 8/8/2011 1030PM

Well, today was pretty tough. I tried to have a "normal" day of it, and it didn't work so well. I worked a half day at work - but I didn't really accomplish anything. I just focused on some research - human interaction was a bit too much to be honest.

When I got to the hospital around lunch time my day got a whole lot better. I love my wife more than I ever realized before this whole event. Just seeing her brings joy to me, especially when she is smiling.

She is still attempting to breastfeed. Her determination is amazing to say the least. I will say, Jackson seems to love those Q tips with colostrum on them an awful lot!

He was sleeping so sound every time I went to see him today. I didn't stay with him much today. I was missing my wife pretty bad. It was nice to get to spend so much time today with her. I just can't wait to get her and the baby home so our new life can start!

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  1. justin i dont know you but keep staying strong. your whole little family have been in my thoughts and prayers & they are very lucky to have the support of you. sounds like youve been great. any word on when they might be able to come home?